Monday Update On Love Happen Episode 106-108

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Aanya meets Raghu and tells her that she has decided to gift something to Dadi. Dadi is surprised when Aanya wishes her a happy Diwali and gives her the gift. Aanya tells Dadi that she herself has made a garland of flowers and pebbles for her. Janki urges Dadi to forget everything and accept the gift. Dadi reluctantly accepts and wears the garland. But before she can compliment Aanya for the gift, an itching sensation erupts.

She starts scolding Aanya when she notices that the flowers used in the garland are wild flowers which cause itching. Aanya again curses herself; however Janki boosts her morale and appreciates her efforts. Further, Janki tells Aanya that she is planning to meet her parents to fix her marriage with Raghu. On the other hand, Dadi runs into GD and enters into a verbal duel. But GD convinces Dadi that even she is against Aanya and Raghu’s alliance. She also asks Dadi to join hands with her to stop Aanya from marrying Raghu.

Kishan gets shocked when Aanya informs him that Janki will be coming to talk to him regarding her marriage with Raghu. However, Debbie convinces him that Aanya loves Raghu and they should get married. On the other hand, Dadi gets furious when Janki informs her about her decision to meets Aanya’s parents and fix Raghu and Aanya’s alliance. Raghu and Janki get pleasantly surprised when Dadi expresses her desire to accompany them to meet Aanya’s parents. Meanwhile, GD and Kishan hatch a plan to make Dadi reject the proposal.

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