Monday Update On Love Happens Episode 121-123

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After declaring Kangana the winner of the first day, Dadi gives the task for the next day. Dadi tells Aanya and Kangana that they will have to get up at five in the morning and start preparing for the religious ceremony. Dadi tells them that the work will be equally distributed and the one who gets up late will be left behind in the competition. Aanya gasps with horror because she is not used to getting up early. Later in the night, Chhotu and Raghu assure Aanya that they will help her get up in the morning, but Dadi intervenes and prohibits them from helping Aanya. Kishan suggests to Debbie to help Aanya by giving her an alarm clock. Debbie gets elated and decides to act immediately. She sneaks inside Raghu’s home and gets confused trying to figure out which one is Aanya because Kangana is also sleeping in the same room.

However, before she can make any blunder, she sees Kangana’s face and quickly hides. On the other hand, Bhima also sneaks inside Raghu’s room to meet Kangana on the sly, but ends up waking Aanya instead. Aanya starts screaming and Bhima quickly hides in the kitchen. Soon everyone rush in the room and Aanya tells them that there’s a thief in the house. Dadi realises that it must be Bhima, but does not say anything. She sends everyone to search out for the thief while she goes in the kitchen and chides Bhima. Aanya and Raghu find Debbie outside who gives Aanya the alarm clock. Bhima also manages to get out. Aanya happily sets the alarm and goes to sleep, but Dadi quietly takes away her alarm clock.

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 Kangana gets up on time and gets elated when she sees Aanya fast asleep. Raghu is confident that Aanya will wake up on time, but gets shocked when he sees the alarm clock outside the house. He tries to wake Aanya, but Dadi forbids him. Debbie also arrives on the sly and gets worried to learn that Aanya is still sleeping. Finally, Raghu comes up with a novel idea and brings his buffalo near the window.

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