Wednesday Update On Love Happens Episode 112-114

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Kangana reaches Raghu’s house and tells Bhima to go back. She also tells Bhima that he should not reveal to anyone that they are siblings. Chhotu overhears this conversation and feels that they are planning to rob his house. However, Kangana tells Chhotu that she has come to see his mother. Since Janki has gone to the market, Kangana tells Chhotu that she return soon after offering her prayers. Kangana goes to a cliff and bows before the sun. Aanya sees her and assumes that she is trying to commit suicide by jumping off the cliff.

She immediately interrupts her prayers. Shocked with Aanya’s interruption, Kangana runs away. Aanya also follows her to Raghu’s home. Janki is surprised when Kangana tells her that she has come to stay with them. She hands Janki a letter which claims that her father was a close friend of Raghu’s father. Dadi gets impressed when Kangana gets involved in the household chores. Later in the night, Dadi meets Kangana on the sly and tells her to be more cautious. Kangana assures Dadi that she will try her best to woo Raghu. However, they get shocked when they see Chhotu standing behind them.

Dadi heaves a sigh of relief because Chhotu did not hear their conversation. Dadi then tells Kangana to stay more vigil and make sure that no one suspects her. In front of everyone, Dadi praises Kangana for almost every work she does and also compares Kangana with Aanya. Meanwhile, Aanya tells Debbie that she has to get up early in the morning to make sandwiches for Raghu.

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